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Land Stewardship

Your Land, Your Legacy

A Farm and Foodlands Owner’s Guide By Michael Marrapese The Foodlands Cooperative of BC has a bold vision—to secure farmland for farming for future generations. While the Agricultural Land Reserve offers some protection by restricting the allowable activities on farmland, it has had only a modest effect on the selling price and accessibility of farmland… Keep Reading

Water, Water Everywhere: Surviving the Floods

Atmospheric Rivers Niklaus Forstbauer – Forstbauer Farm, Chilliwack How do I even begin to describe the month of November for those of us who live in the path of catastrophic weather systems that unleashed flooding, landslides, and washouts throughout our region? It is difficult to express the dread: the rain falling, water rising around houses… Keep Reading

Biodynamic Farm Story: Convergence & Composting Chaos

By Anna Helmer Well, I am thrilled to discover that the likely theme for this edition of BC Organic Grower magazine is: Composting Chaos. The suggestion that chaos may be composted is encouraging and practical…and it is always a treat to find something compostable that is in such good supply. Further thrills at the possibility… Keep Reading

Land Stewardship

Footnotes from the Field: Food Security and BC Food Supply Chains

A Retrospective By Marjorie Harris [Editor’s note: This article contains important discussions on the history of supply chains in BC. Colonization and the disruption of Indigenous ways of life is a part of that history. This article includes references to colonization and genocide. Readers wanting to learn more about Indigenous food sovereignty may find helpful… Keep Reading

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