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Liz at Woolly Bear Farm

Woolly Bear Farm

Hannah Roessler A New Farmer Struggles to Go From Caterpillar to Butterfly I have been pretty amazed by every farmer Iโ€™ve ever met โ€” their competence, determination and impressive suite of skills. But now that I am a new farmer myself, I find myself in awe of Liz Perkins of Woolly Bear Farm, a one-acre… Keep Reading

Barb and Lorne Ebell, Nanoose Edibles

Nanoose Edibles

Hannah Roessler It Takes Dedication, Devotion, and a Community to Raise a Farm I had been trying for weeks to make it to Nanoose Edibles Farm to visit Barbara and Lorne Ebell, but bad weather on the Malahat Highway turned me back each time. The day I finally made it was sunny and warm, and… Keep Reading

Alex and Virginie at Wind Whipped Farm
Farmer Focus/Organic Stories

Wise and Winsome at Wind Whipped Farm

Hannah Roessler Stepping Up to the Challenge The wind was quiet and the sun was shining as I headed down William Head Road towards Wind Whipped Farm in Metchosin on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. I was on my way to meet Alex Fletcher and Virginie Lavallee-Picard, the two dynamic and incredibly sweet young… Keep Reading

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