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Red Fife Wheat at Woodgrain Farm

All is Grist for the Mill

Jonathan Knight The Story of WoodGrain Farm’s Hand Made Grain Mill I like good technology. I don’t mean my smart phone (I don’t have one) or the latest gene spliced varieties, but rather the tools and innovations that have evolved over decades or centuries of use to make life easier. Appropriate technologies reduce daily drudgery,… Keep Reading

Certified organic apples

40 Years of Thinking Like an Insect

Bob McCoubrey Gary Judd is passionate about his work. As a researcher in tree fruit entomology at Agriculture Canada’s Summerland Research Station, he works hard at balancing his passion for doing the research with his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge with growers—particularly organic growers, many of whom he has come to regard as good friends.… Keep Reading

Gardengate urban farm

Gardengate: Growing Food & Futures

Marjorie Harris Finding the Roots of Recovery on an Urban Farm Gardengate is a completely unique gem in the world of organic farming and in the broader social community as well. Despite the North Kamloops-based program’s role as a client-centered community service first, and organic farm second, Gardengate’s organic farm boasts an annual harvest of… Keep Reading

Farmer Focus/Organic Stories

Intentional Peasantry at Tipiland Organic Produce

Marjorie Harris The Way of the Past is Hope for the Future What a magical adventure it was to visit Tipiland Organic Produce in Argenta, BC! The ideals of the Aquarian Age generation are manifest in every aspect of Tipiland’s success, demonstrating how the dreams of social interconnectedness, collective action and co-operative systems can become… Keep Reading

Hani Grasser looks out over his sheep at Robson Valley Sheep Farm

Wild & Woolly at Robson Valley Sheep Farm

Marjorie Harris Raising Sheep Demands Constant Vigilance Not far from McBride, BC, nestled in the beautiful Robson Valley bottom land that frames the Fraser River, is a wilderness paradise known as the Robson Valley Sheep Farm. Owned and operated by Theres and Hani Gasser, the certified organic farm is dedicated to raising high quality meat sheep, who share the land with… Keep Reading

Veggie crops at Shalefield Organic Gardens
Farmer Focus/Organic Stories

Fresh Starts at Shalefield Organic Gardens

Hannah Roessler You don’t need to be young to succeed as a new farmer, as this intrepid pair from the Columbia Valley are proving.“There is just so much shale in the field, we’re always picking up rocks – so there you have it: “Shalefield Farm” was born!” explains Yolanda Versterre when I ask her about… Keep Reading

Farmer Focus/Organic Stories

Sea Cider Farm: Hard Pressed for Sweet Success

Hannah Roessler As Kristen Jordan of Sea Cider Farm can attest, building a farm business is never simple. Planning, preparation and plain hard work are the main ingredients in her recipe for success. “Cider is a humble beverage,” says Kristen Jordan, the owner of Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse. We’re sitting in the cidery’s grand… Keep Reading

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