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Kale with Water droplet

Ask An Expert: Transitioning to Organic

Rochelle Eisen, B.Sc.(Agr), P.Ag We asked farmers transitioning to organic for burning questions theyโ€™ve been dying to ask. From paperwork to fence posts, standards junkie Rochelle Eisen has the answers they โ€” and you โ€” have been seeking! Q: How much detail does my record keeping require for the inspector (crop seeding, planting, rotations, dates,… Keep Reading

Hand Holding Potato Plant

Ask an Expert: Protecting BC Potatoes from Late Blight

Susan Smith P. Ag., Ministry of Agriculture Solanaceous crops such as potatoes and tomatoes are hosts to late blight, the most destructive disease of potatoes in British Columbia. The pathogen causing late blight, Phytophthora infestans, thrives and produces spores under humid or moist environmental conditions. It causes infection only when free water is present on… Keep Reading

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